Four Months Old

Nora Jane is four months old today!

She is starting to babble more and more everyday, loves to grab for toys (especially her moose and sock monkey), loves it when mom and dad make funny sounds, is very ticklish, is getting more used to going out and about and enjoying it, laughs and smiles a lot- except of course when you try to take a photo of her;  we went to get her passport photo today and it looks like a mug shot:


This little girl fascinates me everyday and I am so blessed that I get to spend every day with her and watch her grow.  She is more perfect and beautiful than anything I could’ve imagined, and we made her.

Our days on this Earth are precious and fleeting; I’m trying to soak in every minute that I can: every snuggle, every smile, every kiss…I’ll take it while I can because she won’t always want to give it up.four months old


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