Cyber Monday

For once in my life I have started my Christmas shopping early–and early being not the week of.  I NEVER do Black Friday, nor will I ever, but I will do some Cyber Monday!!!  Pretty much all of my shopping, besides grocery, is done online.  And why or why have I waited until this year to do Cyber Monday????  Who knows.  But I got some of my shopping done and a little weight has been lifted.  Yay.

I also currently have and Amazon cart full of toys for little Miss Nora.  No she wont remember them, hopefully she will play with them, and who cares it’s really fun to shop for your kid.  I’m trying to get toys that will last and be entertaining until she’s a little older, something to test her fine motor skills, double as a teether and be fun!  Santa got her a sqwish toy, a rattle ball, a snuggle giraffe, a taggie ball, and much more!!  I’m hoping soon to go visit Santa for Nora’s first experience to meet the big man!  Every year Christmas will get more exciting as Nora knows what’s going on.  I remember waiting in anticipation to see what Santa brought and it was so much fun!

_MG_6867 copy
Perfect, beautiful face.

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