My Muse

I’ve always loved taking photos; typically of landscapes, flowers and inanimate objects.   Although I have done some portrait photography for some friends, I do prefer shooting places over people–until my muse came along.  She has the sweetest face I ever did see, and it’s hard to not always look at her through a viewfinder.  As she gets older she may tire of me always snapping photos, but she will love having the memories.  But I will try to not let the camera cloud or disturb my experiences with my daughter.  I want to participate in the memories, not just photograph them–while having the photo is important, the experience is more important.

_MG_7084 copy

_MG_7085 copy _MG_7087 copy


Home Decor

Not much has been going on in the household as of late.  Cory is sick with what we think is the flu so we have quarantined him to the basement bedroom and kept Nora away from him-which has been so hard for him, he’s been wanting to hold Nora so bad (I don’t blame him).  So I decided a post about of my home decor would do.  I love interior design (I actually went to school for it for a bit but didn’t finish).  I have always loved decorating my space, ever since I can remember I was ALWAYS rearranging my room.  Trying to figure out the perfect spot for everything.  We have been in our home 6 years now and I am jus now getting it how I like it.  It takes me awhile to figure out exactly where everything works (I drive my husband crazy moving things all the time).  But its fun for me and I enjoy it.  Here is a little look into our home:

Recently painted the white on the mantle. Sign made by me. Ampersand metal piece found at a vintage sale. Dried baby’s breathe from our wedding in blue metal vase from Ikea.
Cory is an avid hunter. I was reluctant to hang dead animals in our home, but this goose works here and I actually like it. Plus…it is Cory’s home too.
Pinterest DIY project I made before Nora was born. One little heart for each of us.
If you can’t keep a plant alive (which I can) get a cactus. I can never imagine my home without plants!
Vintage bottles. The bird had a candle in it, once it burned out I planted a succulent in it….that I couldn’t keep alive.
Vintage fishing reels.
Vintage lanterns hang on each side of the fireplace which is filled with vintage bottles and a basket of books.
This was Cory’s first antelope. It’s very special to him. I love the empty frame around it.
Wedding photo courtesy of Intimate Portraits, LLC. Pallet on the wall holds different odds and ends.
Piece of driftwood I use to hold all of my necklaces in our bedroom, I just love this piece, Chevron wall I paint (although I am kind of over chevron now)
Books with the word ‘love’ in the title, they were used as decoration at our wedding (maybe a future post in the making).

There is a sneak peek into our home…maybe more posts to come of the rest of our humble abode.

Lazy Day

Christmas came and went.  Sometimes I wish it was more than a day long, it goes so fast.

Cory went ice fishing today and Nora and I stayed behind to be warm and cozy at home. We were lazy today and enjoyed it.  But I am ready to get back to working out (put my new kettle bell and squat rack to good use) and getting back to our schedule…it’s been off a bit since Cory has had time off (but it has been really nice to have him home).

just waking up from a nap, she is just like me and needs a little time to wake up.


Nora’s First Christmas

Nora’s first Christmas a blessed one.  We woke up around 7:30 (when Nora woke up, from her crib–updates on that to come), cozied in bed for a bit, had some coffee, I made some paleo cinnamon rolls (yum), and we reveled in the fact that we didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to rush downstairs and see what Santa had brought…those years are to come, and besides the crack of dawn part, I am looking forward to it.

Nora seemed to like what she got (I had to hand her every one and see what she thought)  besides the clothes, what kid likes getting clothes??  We al took turn opening presents and enjoyed the morning watching A Christmas Story. 

Cory started smoking the prime rib while I made brussels sprout au gratin (which will be a repeat recipe FOR SURE).  We also ordered Dungeness crab (the best) and oysters (not a big fan) from Seattle.  Grammy Janny joined us for dinner.  My mom and nana were going to come, along with scalloped potatoes and pie, but it was snowing all day and the roads were not good, so they had to pass as to not drive home on horrible roads in the dark.  We missed them but didn’t want them to chance it- we will celebrate with them soon!

Amongst our delicious spread we had a beautiful centerpiece.
Nora was a good girl this year, her whole 4.5 months of life, and doesn’t she seem throughly excited!?! #MugshotNora I love her little foot resting on her stocking.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…and stuffed to the brim, Dakota even got a little treat from Santa.
nora's first xmas
Our sweet Christmas Angel.
More toys. I don’t think she has the attention span or comprehension for this many toys, but Santa couldn’t help it.
Sweet baby feet. Look at that pointy little heel.
A sweet ornament from Aunt Mar.

_MG_7033 _MG_7038

This was the ornament we made at Pottery By You, remember that day?

Project: Sofa Table

I love DIY and craft projects; making things cheaper than what I can buy it for, personalization, and it’s just plain fun to make something with your hands and show off the final project.  Today I (well we, my dear husband did help) made a sofa table.  I was tired of having absolutely nowhere to set anything down in our upstairs living room, but a coffee table would be in the way.  So I found a cool industrial table on pinterest and made my own version.  I changed it up a bit as I didn’t need as much piping.


I really wanted a big thick piece of barn wood but I already had this in the garage.  If I were going to be using it out in the open rather than behind a sofa I would definitely use a 2″ thick board rather than 1″.  This is 6′ long.  I sanded it, then used a homemade stain (white vinegar and steel wool) on it.


The piping (24″x1/2″)  was purchased at a local hardware store and I spray painted it with ‘Antique Bronze’.  I went the easy way out with the piping only making four legs as opposed to what I pinned on Pinterest.


My husband screwed on the legs (he is a welder and very accurate with his measurements, so i left this to him), and wa-la, a table was born.


And here is it’s resting place.  I don’t have it fully decorated yet but it’s already being put to good use.  The height is perfect behind the sofa, and I am very satisfied with our project!

Visiting Santa

Today we took Nora to meet Santa.  I knew she probably wouldn’t cry, as long as she got to look at Santa first before handing her over, and she didn’t.  But she also didn’t smile…which I was kind of expecting.  This little girl’s precious smile (typically) disappears when you put a camera in front of her face. The photographer and I tried our best, and she got her to smile a few times but by the time she made it back to the camera she was stoic.

I really do love the holidays and they are so much more exciting when you have a kid.  Now I can really do all the ‘kiddy’ things I enjoy (because Cory never will)…baking and decorating cookies, making a gingerbread house, watching Christmas movies (including kid’s ones), visiting Santa…and so much more! yay!

All dressed up and ready to meet Santa, and of course she smiled so sweetly in this one



Santa’s Workshop
IMG_4216 IMG_4217

Nora has such a sweet smile, then the camera comes out and she says ‘nope’.  I’ve deemed her #MugshotNora.


Locks of Love

Today I finally did it.  I cut my hair.  After nearly 6 years of growing it.  I was nervous, but ready.  About 6 weeks ago I decided I was really ready (it took me 5 weeks to finally see my stylist).  The length was getting to me.  I always wore it up in a ponytail/bun which resulted in frequent headaches and I am now in the postpartum stage where my hair is falling out….a lot.  And finding foot long plus length hair everywhere is, well, gross-even if it is my own.  And bonus, I got to donate the hair I cut off.  It will go to a foundation that makes wigs for people with cancer.  That made it even more worth it.

I’ve been looking at haircuts for quite a while now and have multiple looks on my Pinterest board.  I’m excited for this new look and to try new styles rather than just tossing it up in a bun.  I thought at first I wouldn’t like a short cut with working out, but now all I have to do is throw on a headband and I am set.  I don’t have to worry about my hair flopping around in my face or my bun falling half way down my head…seriously nothing more annoying than a bun jumping up and down while trying to be badass in the gym (haha).

two long ombre braids to donate
this was AFTER the braids were cut off


Here is the final product.  I am so happy with it.  More posts on future hair styles to come.