Why has it taken me until now to realize that life would be so much better if I made a weekly menu?!?!  That grocery shopping trips would be less ‘Hmmmm, what should I buy’ and more ‘I need this and this and this, and done.’  Seriously.  I’ve seen people do them, seen people go to the grocery store weekly for the their weekly menu, and apparently thought they were too organized or OCD, but now I get it!!!!

So my project for next week will be to make a cute menu sign to put in the kitchen.  Not only will this make ‘what should I make for dinner easier’, it will make grocery shopping quicker and easier.  Plus, last night we ended up eating Annie’s Mac-n-Cheese, organic hot dog and broccoli.  I mean it wasn’t bad, but I don’t even have a toddler yet to blame that one on!

And it’s not like I couldn’t use another list around the house. 🙂

Nora’s ready to sit at the table and have dinner with us!

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