I turned 31yesterday.  Birthdays are pretty uneventful the older you get and your ‘wishlist’ gets pretty boring too; ie. I wanted a vacuum.  BUT not just any vacuum, a ROBOT vacuum-Roomba! And yay, my wonderful husband obliged.  Let me tell you it’s pretty awesome to be upstairs hearing the downstairs being vacuumed while I tend to my daughter amongst other things.

Although we still haven’t ‘gone out’ since Nora was born, I didn’t feel it necessary to do so on my birthday.  I just wanted a cozy night in with my beautiful daughter and loving husband.


Oh how the times change.

I’ve long since grown out of my party pants.  At first it was because I became very health conscious.  It was hard for me to work so hard in the gym during the week, then throw it all away by drinking on the weekends, plus, seriously who likes being hungover.  Now its become more about my livelihood than ‘calories’.  I just don’t like the feeling of being drunk and ‘not in control’ of myself.

Alcohol has a very negative connotation in my life.  I’ve seen it do a lot of destruction in people’s lives, and in some cases take their lives.  I can’t think of much positives that have come from it.

I havent drank in over a year, mostly due to pregnancy and now breastfeeding.  But I don’t have much desire to do it anyway.  I am sure down the road I will enjoy a glass of champagne  or wine here and there, but I could live with never getting drunk again.  Plus I don’t want my daughter to see me in that state.

I have plenty of fun and good times to not have to cloud my judgement with alcohol, especially with all the fun activities I have planned for Nora and I to do as she gets older. She really has become my best little buddy and 31 is turning out to be a good year and its only going to get better from here!


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