Recently, the wonderful girls at my gym started a challenge; an accountability challenge to be exact.  We each are focusing on one thing, maybe some more than one, that we are challenging ourselves to do: eat better, workout more, no sugar, no pop, etc.  And while I do eat pretty good for the most part, my challenge for myself was to be an inspiration; an inspiration to my daughter (and if I inspire others along the way even better!).  I’ll admit I haven’t worked out much since having Nora.  But I am allowing my body to heal; to adjust to not having a child inside.  I’m being kind to my body and myself-which is part of my challenge as well.

I want my daughter to grow up seeing me workout and staying fit; to see that working out is a part of our daily routine–something you just do, not HAVE to do.  I want her to see that women’s bodies are capable of amazing things, and that muscles and strength are beautiful and empowering.  I want her to meet all these amazing women of Crossfit that I have become friends with; all shapes and sizes–and that we are all capable of amazing things.  I want her to see women uplifting each other and not tearing each other down.  I want her to love her body for what it is and what it is capable of doing; maybe if she sees what my body is capable of –lifting heavy weights, doing a 20 minute intense WOD (workout of the day) and making a HUMAN! –then she will realize she is just as capable of it as well. I want her to do her best to brush off what other people say about her–that all that matters is what she thinks of herself; to be comfortable in her own skin.

Being a woman is tough business and raising one will be tough too.  But being a women is also awe-inspiring; prove all the nay-sayers wrong, prove yourself right! I can only hope that she realizes her potential and aspires to reach it.  That is tries something and fails, that she try again.

Me post-workout, while my little one sat contently and watched.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration

    1. Crossfit is a fitness program. A high intensity fitness program that includes weight lifting and cardiovascular movements. There are many gyms throughout the country popping up with the growing popularity of it; daily classes with each day having a different workout to do. Crossfit motto: constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. There are lovers and haters of it; some referring to it as a ‘cult’. I found a few years ago after becoming a personal trainer, it was the hardest workout I had ever done, but I loved it. Research it in your area if you’re interested. Good luck getting back to it!!

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