I Can Wait

I find myself saying often “I can’t wait until Nora can _________” or “I can’t wait to do this and that with Nora”.  And while it’s true, there are many fun things planned for our future, there is no need to rush our time we have now.  Each and every moment is special and it goes quickly.  She will never again be the age she is now so I need to savor it.

Today we took a nap together.  Yesterday I made you laugh and smile by making funny sounds.  Your favorite place to be is in my lap and arms.  You love your bath time with daddy.  Everything is new to you–still trying to figure out those hands!  Your tiny feet fit right in my hands every time I feed you.  I love how your baby fine hair sticks straight up and is untamed.  You love your naps and I love when you fall asleep in my arms (we are still working on the crib thing).  You’d rather play with me than toys.

I can wait.

I can wait for you to grow up.  I can wait for you to want to play with toys instead of me, or daddy instead of me.  I can wait for you to not want to take naps.  I can wait of you to walk, so I can still carry you in my arms.  I can wait for you to be too big to carry.  I can wait for you to eat solids so we can still bond during nursing.  I can wait for you to talk because right now silence is golden, and your giggle is the cutest sound you make.  I can wait for our fun activities, they will always be there, but you won’t be at this age forever.

I can wait for you.  And I will, always and forever.


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