We went dinner last night with some family and Nora was just perfect.  She sat so contently while we ate and talked and of course everyone thought she was beautiful and loved all her hair.  A table of older ladies next to us spoke of how well-behaved all of our kids are and how blessed we all are to have each other.  Yes we are.

I am 100% biased, but I am pretty sure I have the cutest little girl ever.


Nora’s First Thanksgiving

Nora’s first thanksgiving was delightful. We went to Annie’s, Cory’s cousin, and enjoyed a delicious meal with Cory’s family and my mom.
We talked, ate, laughed, and briefly played a game of Apples to Apples. Nora was so good the whole time; sitting contently on my lap while I ate. And she was happily passed back and forth between grandmas.
We are excited for Nora’s next thanksgiving when we can feed her all the yummy food!







Why has it taken me until now to realize that life would be so much better if I made a weekly menu?!?!  That grocery shopping trips would be less ‘Hmmmm, what should I buy’ and more ‘I need this and this and this, and done.’  Seriously.  I’ve seen people do them, seen people go to the grocery store weekly for the their weekly menu, and apparently thought they were too organized or OCD, but now I get it!!!!

So my project for next week will be to make a cute menu sign to put in the kitchen.  Not only will this make ‘what should I make for dinner easier’, it will make grocery shopping quicker and easier.  Plus, last night we ended up eating Annie’s Mac-n-Cheese, organic hot dog and broccoli.  I mean it wasn’t bad, but I don’t even have a toddler yet to blame that one on!

And it’s not like I couldn’t use another list around the house. 🙂

Nora’s ready to sit at the table and have dinner with us!

Time Off

Cory has had some time off of work lately so we’ve been able to spend more time together and most importantly he has gotten to spend more time with Nora.  She has definitely become a Momma’s girl since we are together so much, so this bonding time will be important.  Although, he did reveal to me that he could never be a stay-at-home and realizes I don’t eat bonbons and nap all day (I know he has never thought that though).

We also have made a page long ‘to-do’ list and continually add to it as more projects arise.  Man I love crossing things off that list, so refreshing; cleaning out closets, taking recycling, shopping, donating, so much done!

He even gave the carrier a shot!


Photo Catch-up

I could, and do, stare at this little girl all day!  She is just so freaking cute I can hardly contain myself.

Big girl holding the bottle on her own!
Mama’s best friend
I walk in her room to find this…
Loves her moose!
Big girl sitting in a big chair
Always looking to see where mama is ❤
Looking out the window
Whatchu doin mama??? Taking another picture of me??
Yay toys!
and more toys..


Daddy’s Little Girl

I’ve definitely fallen more in love with my husband watching him interact with our daughter. There’s something about watching the man I love coddle, talk sweetly to, and rock this tiny being, that just melts my heart.
Combing her hair after bath time.
Singing to her.
Making goofy faces and sounds to get her to laugh.
Dressing her (albeit not always to my standards).
Reading her bed time stories.
Calling her his princess.
Feeding her her bedtime bottle.
Giving her nightly baths.
It’s made me even more proud and happy to call him my husband, and Nora’s daddy.





Last Friday, Stephanie and I took our little nuggets to do some hand and footprints on some pottery at ‘Pottery by You’. It was SO much fun!!! I can’t wait to see how they turned out and I’m so excited to have a keepsake of her prints as she’s growing so fast. I hope to do a few more in the future to see her growth and have a cherished memory of it. Nora and Wyatt both did great and cooperated so well; the employees were very impressed.
After pottery we went to lunch at Eggingtons. Boy was that a sight. Two women. Two babies. Two car seats. Two diaper changes. Two feedings. All of this crammed into one booth. Phew!
Then we went to my friends clothing shop, Rubenesque, to by some workout clothes, because you can never have enough, amIright!?! By then Nora and I were ready for a nap so that is just what we did.
Then I pressed my luck and we went to a craft fair at the Events Center. Lotsa people. Lotsa stuff I didn’t need. We didn’t stay long and on the drive home Nora had had enough.
All in all it was a fun and busy day. This was out first craft activity of many to come!!