Moving Out

Nora has been doing pretty well with her naps in the crib.  She’s put herself to sleep more than once and doesn’t fuss too much as long as she has her pacifier (I fear that will be another battle down the road–it’s very soothing for her).  I think we are slowly getting ready for her to try bedtime in her crib.  Since birth she has been in a sleeper next to our bed; makes me feel safer knowing she’s next to me but I don’t want this to be something that can’t be undone.  In the middle of the night after a feeding, I typically lay her right back down without rocking her to sleep and she does great so I’m hoping this transition to the crib won’t be too hard (maybe more so for me than her).  The only issue I foresee is her pacifier falling out and her waking up to want it back.  It will be a work in progress as with everything else; updates to follow.


Who wouldn’t want to sleep next to this sweet face!?


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