Ok, so it’s not my daughter that’s keeping me up (she sleeps great at night!), its MY BRAIN!

Me: I’m so tired, can’t wait to get to sleep.

My Brain: Ok, you’re ready to sleep.  Well let’s think of what we did today that we can do different tomorrow.  Should I write this in a  blog post? I like blogging. I am so happy Nora took some naps in her crib today. *Check on Nora*  I can’t forget to pay the credit card tomorrow.  Ok, stop thinking, go to sleep.  Oh geez, I forgot to text (enter your name here) back.  I need to order (this that and the other thing) from Amazon-don’t forget. I need a pedicure, maybe on Monday.  Maybe if I rub lavender on my feet I will fall asleep, oh forget it just go to sleep.  *Get a drink of water*  Oh my God, I have been tossing and turning for an hour now.  I need to start thinking of Christmas gifts.  I can’t wait until Nora is older and knows what Christmas is.  We need a vacation.  I hope we can take Nora to the Royal Sands in Cancun, I can’t wait for her to see the ocean.  Ok, seriously, now go to sleep.

Some nights I just can’t shut my brain down.  Maybe its because my thoughts are consumed by Nora during the day, so at night I can actually think of other things.  I knew sleep deprivation would be a part of motherhood but I didn’t think I would be the one keeping myself from it!!

At least someone is sleeping around here

2 thoughts on “Sleep?

    1. I’ll try that!! I tried envisioning ocean waves or wheat blowing in the wind, inhaling and exhaling for count of 5….it just leads to more thoughts. Like the ocean waves led me thinking about taking Nora to Mexico 🙂


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