Endlessly Writing

♫♫ Write write, all day long, write write while I sing this song ♫♫  Any Adam Sandler (the younger days) fans out there!?!?!  Bueller? …. Bueller?  OK ok, enough with the movie references.

Since I started blogging, I find that I am constantly ‘writing’ things in my head; not only thinking about things I want to write about, but piecing together my post in my head.  ‘Oh, this is good’ I think,  then when it comes to sitting at my computer ‘What was that I wanted to write about again?!’  Mostly I blame my horrible memory, but I often think of multiple things to write about and I’m raising an infant, so I cut myself some slack.

Do all bloggers/writers do this? #bloggerproblems.  I feel like my life has become a novel that I am constantly narrating and Nora has become the main character.

To be continued…

Napping while momma does her thing

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