Mommy Dearest

Nora is my best buddy.  We spend every day, every minute together.  And while I LOVE our time spent together, she has become quite attached to me.  And while I LOVE that she loves me, this has become a slight problem in the ‘Daddy Department’.

Nora is ok with Dad when he gets home from work (he only gets about 2 hours a night to see her).  She will sit with him for a little while and sits peacefully in her bath while he bathes her–and occasionally take her bedtime bottle from him.  But when it comes to bedtime she only wants Momma.  I can see that this hurts Cory and it breaks my heart.  I know I would feel hurt if Nora didn’t want to be soothed by me.  I try to reassure him that this won’t last forever, I am with her all day so she’s very comfortable with me, that breastfeeding is a very bonding experience that we get to do all day.  And while he tries to understand I know it still hurts his feelings.

I’m going to try and do everything I can to not break their bond, but when she is screaming her head off and the second he hands her over she stops crying it’s hard not to interject.  We will start bedtime stories that he can read to her–even if I have to hold her, spend more ‘one-on-one’ time without the tv as a distraction.  I know it won’t be forever and Daddy will soon be the fun one, but its still hard to watch him hand her over in frustration and a little sadness.



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