Ba-Bee Shower (Retro Post)

(I wasn’t blogging at the time of my baby shower and I wanted to have it cataloged because it was so cute and another page in our story.)

Carisse, Jessi and Stephanie put together my shower.  Stephanie couldn’t be there because she had just had Wyatt.  She called that one–kept saying “I’m worried I am going to have Wyatt early and won’t make it to your shower”.  “You won’t, it’ll be fine”, almost my same response when she called me and said “I’m freaking out, I think I might be pregnant!”  “You always freak out, it’s fine.”, my wrong response, again.

I didn’t want games, just something simple, quick (I know how people just LOVE showers) and cute.  The girls did a perfect job!!  We are surrounded by loving people and we are lucky.  It was a memorable day, getting ready to welcome our little one into this world!

Beautiful (and yummy) cupcakes made by Amy Allaire.
SO many gifts, Nora has been loved from the start. These FILLED the back of my truck.
I even matched the theme without even trying!

_MG_6269_MG_6270 _MG_6271 _MG_6272 _MG_6273 _MG_6275 _MG_6278 _MG_6279 _MG_6281 _MG_6286 _MG_6289


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