Mama’s Day Out

Ok, so it was only 2 hours, but today was the first time since Nora was born (2 1/2 months) that I have been away from her.  I was looking for a dress to wear to Roy’s memorial–to no avail–and Cory shooed me out the door insisting I go.

It was a little hard to leave, but I thought not only would it be good for me, it would be good for Cory; he hasn’t spent alone time with Nora, like completely alone, no mom/boob to come to the rescue.

I went downtown to some shops, went to a natural food store, then finished off my field trip at Target where I found some shoes and a bright, cheery scarf to wear tomorrow to celebrate Roy.


Not gonna lie, I thought about them often, but I did enjoy my time.  I listened to my music loud, rolled the windows down, only checked my mirror once (to look back where Nora would be).  It was a nice outing and good to come home to my loves.



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