Good Morning Sunshine

Miss Nora is a ‘sleeper-inner’ (yes I just used that made up word), just like her mama and I LOVE IT!!!  She usually sleeps until 9 (with a feeding around 3am and 7am) and this makes for a happy, well rested mama (and baby!).  I love that she goes right back to sleep after she feeds, no fuss, no crying, just back to snoozeville.

Sometimes I sleep in with her, sometimes I get things done around the house, sometimes I just lie there and watch her sleep (#imnotacreep). Fingers crossed that she continues to enjoy her sleep!

If I get up before her, I peek in on her periodically.  I like to be there when she wakes up so she doesn’t feel like she’s alone and to greet her with a ‘Good Morning Sunshine’.

This little girl is nothing short of perfect; we’ve been spoiled with her.



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