Tattoo Time

Recently a friend of mine (you know who are ♫Sarah P. ♫ Sarah P.♫) got a cover-up tattoo done and it gave me the tattoo itch.  I have a few, but I’ve been wanting one covered/re-done.  Case in point:

IMG_3707Those classy stars right next to my beautiful daughter, yeah those ones.  Yes, I got them on a whim.  Yes I regret it.  Yes it hurt like hell on that sensitive area.  Yes it’ll hurt even more going over it.  No they have no significant meaning (rule break #1).

rose tattoo rose tattoo2

I’m thinking some beautiful, vintage roses would cover the stars nicely. Next to the roses I wanted a delicate, flowing font to spell “Nora”.  Not only would this have meaning and have significance, it would look classier and more appealing than 6 damn stars that mean nothing.  Why I chose stars, God only knows!  I tend to be a bit irrational and impulsive at times and it bites me in the butt…often.  (Think it through Cecilia.)  Roses are timeless and beautiful and I knew when I had children I would want a tattoo with their name.  Some day…after much deliberation and thought (just to be sure), I’ll get this coverup done. To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Tattoo Time

  1. I think your stars are lovely! And who cares if they don’t mean anything. They represent who you were at that moment. As someone who just spent 3 hours covering up an old tat yesterday, I will tell you this: it hurts exactly 45.7 times as bad. Evidently the skin is more sensitive where it’s already been tattooed or something. And with mine, at least, they’re going to have to go over that same spot again because you can still see the old one in some places. OUCH! All I know is, holy moley. OUCH! Maybe the stars could be incorporated into the design?? Anyway, that’s just my two cents. The vintage roses are absolutely gorgeous.


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