Husband, Father, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, Friend = Roy

The death of someone you love always makes you think of life; your life, the lives of those close to you.   You may think of the last time you saw them: Did I say I love you? Did I hug them tight enough? Did they know how much I cared for them?; but the important thing to do is remember the good times and the wonderful memories you shared with this person.

After bringing a life into this world, it really makes you stop and think of how miraculous life is; how precious and short your days on this Earth really are; how important it is to tell our loved ones how much they are loved; do things that make us happy;  spend more time with those important to us.  It shouldn’t take someone leaving this world to remind us of our days on it and these reminders shouldn’t just be lived out through the grieving process.  Everyday is significant; there is always ONE thing to be thankful for.

Nora was 9 weeks to the day when her Grandpa Roy passed away–not only that but during my pregnancy we lost my dad and both of Cory’s grandparents (its been a trying year).  It saddens me to know she won’t get to grow up with her goofy grandpa; have him show her how to fish, go sledding, garden, eat lots of food together. Nora will be missing out on a wonderful, fun, loving man in her life.

Watching Cory look into his daughter’s eyes and break down, tears me up; I wish I could make the hurt go away.  I think being a father himself now, really makes him realize how much love you have for your children.  It fills me with joy that we had brought Nora out to see you a week before you passed.  I know it lightened your heart and for that moment made you feel a little better.

You will be sorely missed Roy.  You always made me feel like one of your own.  I was closer to you than my own father and I truly loved and appreciated you for that.  Cory was your best friend, hunting buddy, fishing partner and loving son.  Janet was too your best friend, camping partner, caretaker, and love of your life.  Both of your daughters were the light in your eyes and your grandchildren were the joy in your heart.

Rest peacefully Roy James.  No more chemo, no more hospitals, no more medicine, no more pain.  You are free of everything. You are forgiven, loved and always remembered. Please watch over our sweet daughter as I know you will. 



One thought on “Husband, Father, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, Friend = Roy

  1. What a wonderful tribute to an incredible man. When I lost my grandmother, I grieved because she had played such an important role in who I became. When I had Sadie, I grieved again because Sadie would never know this incredible woman. Now, I try to be that woman for her. Nora will know Roy through the way you and Cory love her and how you love each other. In this way, you honor his spirit.


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