More Giggles

Rainy and cold outside, so I am snuggling my baby today with nothing on the agenda.  She is lying contently on my chest sleeping.  I really can’t think of a better place to be right now.

Last night Cory couldn’t give her a bottle so I did.  That was my first time giving her a bottle, I leave that to Cory and I exclusively nurse her.  But I didn’t want to waste the liquid gold and she took it like a champ!  Even the first time Cory gave her a bottle she took right to it, she’s so darn smart!  Daddy usually does the nightly feedings after bath time and he just loves that one-on-one time with her.

Daddy’s first time feeding Nora.

Nora is laughing more and more and it just melts my heart!  Don’t mind my awkward sounds, I’ll do anything to hear that laugh!


2 thoughts on “More Giggles

  1. What a precious photo of Cory and Nora. It’s so hard for the Daddys, especially at first. After growing her for 9 months, you’re instantly bonded as soon as she comes out. The nursing just cements that. It’s harder for the Dads because they don’t get that special time (unless you use a bottle) and the baby will always prefer Mommy (and boobies!) in the first few months. Good job Cory! Keep at it!


    1. I know sometimes he grunts when he has to give her back to me when she is fussing and she instantly calms down because she knows whats coming. It’s definitely a special moment for them and he loves to do it.


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