Two Months Old

Our little Miss Nora is two months old, I can’t believe it, the time really does go fast.  I am definitely enjoying every minute (especially since we spend every minute together!!).  It’s so fun to watch her discover new things and grow.  Her laugh is so cute, quaint and contagious, she’s discovered her hand and likes to suck on it, she’s holding her head up really well–just a little unsteady, usually sleeps for 6 hours at night (yay!), loves when daddy tickles her, and is just a happy baby overall–only fusses when she is hungry or the infrequent breakdowns from gas 😦

Daddy and I are loving every minute with this little girl and can’t wait to do more fun activities with her.  Happy 2 months sunshine!

two months old

I could listen to this laugh all day!!


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