Body After Baby

I’m still working up to Crossfitting more than 2-3 times a week (prep-pregancy I was working out 5-6x/week).  Some days I just don’t feel like it and want to cuddle with Nora, other days I know I just haven’t eaten enough to sustain me through the WOD (workout of the day) and still breastfeed my daughter.  I’m still getting back into the swing of things.  I ended up buying my barbell, some weights and pull-up bar.  I figure it’ll be more likely for me to get a WOD in at home then load up Nora, make sure she’s fed, and go to the gym. At least in these first months while she is basically exclusively breastfed, that’ll be my best bet in getting in a workout.  I know it takes time to get your body back after a baby, and I am trying to not be too hard on myself for it.  But it makes it even harder to look at my body right now and not be critical–I was in the best shape of my life before I got pregnant.  And while I don’t regret anything about being pregnant or having my daughter, I am still my hardest critic–which most women are.  I’m still learning and I think will forever be working on my self-image and being confident.  I recently saw a blurb on women and self worth, and the motto was: I AM ENOUGH!  Yes I am.



2 thoughts on “Body After Baby

  1. Your body spent 10 months growing a life! Your internal organs shifted to make room, your joints loosened and your uterus expanded from the size of a fist to the size of a watermelon! Creating life is magical stuff but it changes your body. This is what your body was made for – those strong hips, breasts, and inner workings have all evolved to sustain life. You will get back in shape but it takes time, especially if you’re nursing. Be kind to yourself. You ARE enough. And to Nora, you are EVERYTHING.

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