My Growing Belly

YES, I have already given birth and am no longer pregnant. BUT I took a lot of time and energy into taking progressional belly photos so damn it I need to post them somewhere! I loved watching and feeling my belly grow. It really is a miracle to have a life growing inside of you. I mean, just saying it sounds impossible. And I know for some women it is, had I not been able to go through treatment it would’ve been for me. I am very appreciative of my fortunes and that I got to bring this wonderful life into the world.




4 thoughts on “My Growing Belly

  1. I love these! You should make a flipbook! I took pictures every month for the first pregnancy (even wearing the same shirt because I’m type A like that). For the second…ha. Things were a bit crazier! 🙂 I got a few though. I’m curious about what you meant by treatment…


    1. I had to go through some infertility treatment. Luckily it worked with only doing oral medication and not IVF or anything. Took about a year to conceive with trial and error of meds, but when we got our first ‘ok’ to try we got little miss!


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