Things I Love

Cory says that I ‘hate’ a lot of things.  And while it sounds a little harsh, I do think I use the  word ‘hate’ loosely and maybe too often.

Me: ‘I hate how that person drives’, ‘I hate when my water is too cold’, ‘I hate how this blanket is really soft on one side and not the other’, ‘I hate people who have bad grammar’, ‘I hate lol’, etc. etc.  The list could literally go on, and on.

So because of this I thought I would make a list of things I love, especially since becoming a mother.  And maybe I will try and replace ‘hate’ with ‘dislike’ and stop finding one thing about everything that I ‘dislike’….just maybe.

♥ I love being a mother!

♥ I love how Nora smiles with her whole face, her eyes light up, and those dimples!

♥ I love watching Cory interact with Nora

♥ I love Crossfit and the lifelong friends I have made because of it

♥ I love having muscles and being able to do things for myself

♥ I love being lazy on Sundays with my sweet little family

♥ I love when Nora falls asleep in my arms

♥ I love when Cory says “You look beautiful”, when I have no makeup on and my hair is a mess

♥ I love that I have amazing friends in my life, who would do anything for me, and now Nora

♥ I love this beautiful family Cory and I are building.

There is something every day to be grateful for, and these are just a few.

This was my shirt when I was a baby
Got a good workout in today with two of my favorites and Carisse got to love on Nora Jane

IMG_3518 IMG_3614


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