Workout Buddies

Nora and I both got a workout in today; mine in my make-shift garage gym and Nora in our basement.  I did a Crossfit workout and she worked on some tummy time.  This has only been my 3rd or 4th workout on the barbell, but I can definitely tell I am gaining some strength back–that barbell isn’t feeling nearly as impossible to lift–it actually felt pretty good today.  I’m still lifting light and keeping my workouts fairly short to ease myself back in.  Plus, I am trying to make sure I’m eating enough to not only breastfeed but sustain my workouts.  My legs felt a little like jell-o after a few sets of squats, but I have come to like that feeling thanks to three years of Crossfit.


Back squat 5×5 55#-75#

Push Press 5×5 55#-75# THEN:


Deadlift 75#

Kettlebell Swings


Nora worked on strengthening her neck muscles with some tummy time.  She isn’t a huge fan of being on her belly (even when being burped, I usually put her on her side on my chest), but she sure likes looking in the mirror–and who wouldn’t like looking at that pretty face!  We do it for as long as she can handle, a couple times a day.  While sitting she holds her head up pretty good, but obviously still has a little ways to go before she has full control over it, but it won’t be long. 🙂



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