Dear Sweet Nora,

Last night you had a meltdown.  You were not happy at all.  For about an hour and half you cried.  And when I say cry, I mean screamed with all you had, tears, non-stop cry.  I did EVERYTHING I could to console you: fed you, swaddled you, rocked you, shushed you, bathed you, laid you down, picked you up, changed your diaper…NOTHING worked.  I thought maybe your leg/hip was bothering you because I felt it pop and it seemed to be tender, but you were crying with anything I did so it was hard to tell.  I felt like something hurt, you were in pain or extremely uncomfortable.

Dad finally got you to take a bottle and you settled down for a bit, and pooped and let out some gas…but then you were at it again!! I felt so helpless.  I wanted to cry only because I didn’t know how to make it better.  Finally, finally we got you settled down.  You looked exhausted, we were exhausted, then we slept.

You have NEVER cried like that before (I almost called Dr. Green)…and honestly now I think it was gas.  I will try the gas drops next time (hoping there is no next time), in hopes that it will help you when I can’t.  I love you my little darling and that was one of the hardest things I have had to go through so far with you.  I am sure there will be more hard times and meltdowns, but next time, for God’s sake just tell me what is wrong!♥

Love always and forever,



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