Meeting Aunt Carol

Cory’s sister came into to town and after many sent pictures, snapchats and a FaceTime, Aunt Carol finally got to meet her sweet niece Nora–many smiles and (happy) tears were shed!  Carol waited a long time to meet her and Nora didn’t disappoint!

IMG_3548Saturday we hung around the house and Carol soaked up Nora.  Then around 4 we went to Crossroads Park to do a suicide awareness walk with Annie, Colt and Isabell, which brought a few tears.  We always remember the good in Megan Dawn and Grandpa Don, but life still sucks without them and we all miss them terribly. Too many people have left our lives (not only from suicide), especially before our daughter got to meet them.  Rest Peacefully: Dad–our daughter would remind you of me when I was a baby, I wish you could have met, you would’ve fallen in love instantly (she’s already a Bronco fan); Don and Larree–you would both be so proud of your grandson, he is a wonderful father, we wish you could’ve met her and taken her to the ocean for the first time; Megan Dawn–you would’ve been the kooky ‘aunt’ that Nora would’ve adored, I will make sure she knows who you are.

After the walk we all came to our house for ribs.   I think the day may have been a little too much excitement for Nora, by 9 she was done.  She had a little meltdown, and feeding was not doing the trick as it usually does, but the Babyshusher sure worked and eventually got her calmed down and ready for bed.  It was a good day with family and we hope to see Aunt Carol and Uncle Dude (Jeremy) again soon.IMG_3553 IMG_3554

Bundled up for the walk
Mommy and Nora (just look at that dimple!)

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