My memory fails me

I’ve never had a good memory, not even since I was a kid.  I used to get in trouble for ‘forgetting’ to do something, but then my mom realized that I literally couldn’t remember and wasn’t making excuses.  My husband will ask me to remind him of something and I say “You know better than that”.  His response, “Just try.”  Don’t you think I have been trying to remember things my entire life, don’t you think it drives me more crazy than it drives you!!?? Pregnancy and motherhood have not helped this situation the slightest bit.  I have lists EVERYWHERE; on this chalkboard in our kitchen, on my phone, on my computer, on pieces of paper strewn throughout the house.IMG_3536

I do however remember random things, some important, some not.  I remember all of our social security numbers, my credit card number (this may or may not be from shopping online), when Nora ate and pooped last,  my third grade teacher’s name, our anniversary (because I chose the easiest date possible to remember 9/10/11).  But I can’t remember what I wore or ate yesterday, what I went downstairs for, anything NOT on my grocery list, when appointments are (thank goodness for my phone), anyone’s birthday or phone number (again, thank goodness for my phone), coupons I purposely set by the door so I won’t forget them (actually anything I set by the door to not forget).  Luckily I haven’t forgotten my daughter anywhere yet.


One thought on “My memory fails me

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with memory problems. I too have yet to leave Wolverine anywhere, not the car or at the grocery. But I do hate to see what I’ll be like when I’m 78.


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