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I have to come discover that little Miss Nora has a little attitude and sass (hmmm, wonder where she got that?).  This girl will go from content and sleeping to awake and crying instantly.  But actually she doesn’t necessarily “cry” she more demands, and sometimes I swear she yells ‘Hey!’, as in ‘Hey, I am hungry now so you best be feeding me now!’.  And usually she is hungry and it is time to eat, but sometimes she throws her little tantrums not long after a feeding.  So I bounce and sway and shush and pacify and hold her close…and this usually works, but sometimes this little chunky monster is hungry…again.  And God forbid take too long to feed her, this child has LUNGS!  Last night she started to get upset so I began to heat up a bottle so Cory could get the chance to feed her, and her wailing grew and grew.  I couldn’t take it anymore, the bottle warmer still had minutes to go, so I caved and fed her (she unlatched after a few minutes and Cory finished her off with the bottle).  It was just breaking my heart to hear her bawling.

 I’m learning her quirks, ins-and-outs, and what makes her tick.  I love knowing everything about her, what she needs (for the most part), what she likes, doesn’t like.  This little girl has become the center of my universe. ♥

Fast sleep in her ErgoBaby with her sleep sheep.

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