The Internet + Motherhood

I’m lying here with my sleeping daughter in my arms, I tried to nap along with her to no avail, so I decided to get my blog post done.  While being on the computer lately I have found myself feeling slightly guilty while I look at my screen and not at my daughter.  I spend a good amount time only computer and the internet; Facebook, I shop on Amazon (so much easier than going to the store these days), I have a shop on Etsy (shameless plug: fieldofpoppy) and I also shop on Etsy, I edit photos that I take of Nora (no shortage of these), checking and posting on this blog, checking others’ blogs, perusing Crossfit sites, looking up new recipes, and of course Pinterest.  I do my best to keep my computer time during nap times, but sometimes it doesn’t happen; I’ll log on while she sits contently next to me in her rocker.  And while I don’t ignore Nora’s cries while I’m logged on (she gets my attention with every whimper),  I still feel a pang of guilt that she doesn’t have my undivided attention.  But then I think that maybe that’s unrealistic, that I also still need ‘me’ time whatever that should entail.  I know she’s so young now and doesn’t know any difference, but as she gets older I don’t want her to look up at me and me be distracted by a screen, because I have full intentions of not letting her be distracted by screens.  Technology is great and has it’s place, but I won’t raise a child who doesn’t make eye contact because she is staring at her phone or can’t be without her ‘tech-toy’.  So I guess I should set a good example, whether she knows the difference now or not, and allot myself my ‘computer-time’ during the day and that’s it.  It’d be good for me and Nora.

Photo on 9-6-14 at 2.37 PM I know as she gets older we will go do things together and I will have less of a need to fill my time with the internet.  I can’t wait to introduce this little girl to crafts, fitness, swimming, playing outdoors, and making yummy food.  We are going to be best buddies and our future looks fun, adventurous, creative and unknown.


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