Crossfit + Motherhood (First day back: 5 weeks postpartum)

Last night was my first night back at Crossfit.  I hadn’t gone in five weeks, save for the few home WODs I did, and before that during my pregnancy I was scaling my workouts, watching my heart rate and lifting lighter.  I have to admit I was a little nervous going back at it today; not only because I had been out so long, but hoping Nora could keep it together while my friend watched her at the gym.  Nora made it though the workout, I however did not.  I have never in my 3 years of doing Crossfit quit a WOD, but last night it happened.  I literally felt like I was drained of energy and nothing left to give; feeling light-headed and shaky I threw in the towel.  I knew part of it was that I hadn’t ate enough throughout the day, but I think I also had too high of expectations going into the workout.  I’m not an elite athlete by any means, but I could hold my own ok before I got pregnant.  I thoroughly expected to just pick up where I left off with no problem.  Not the case.  The barbell felt so much heavier than I expected (at 75 pounds, not typically a heavy weight for me, I didn’t think it would be that difficult for me), my boobs are bigger  so running was REAL fun (remember: wear 2 sports bras), box jumps felt like 50″ high….everything was a real struggle.  I know every day will get better and I will eventually get my strength back, I just need to give it time.  I am one of those people who want instant gratification and I need to realize that’s pretty unrealistic, along with most other things in life.IMG_2528


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