Bedtime success and a blowout

Our experimental bath time before bed worked!!!  Nora was calm and fell right asleep after eating, then slept for 4.5 hours!!!  I’m not sure how long this will work, or again if it was a coincidence, but you can sure bet I will be continuing to do it until it doesn’t work!

Bath time came a little earlier then planned due to a blow out of the diaper!  Daddy was holding her (she always poops when he has her…he thinks I plan it that way) and didn’t realize it was blowout until changing time; we never change on the first poop, there is always more to come.  As he’s changing her I hear ‘Oh man!! We have a blowout!’, and it was everywhere.  ‘How do I get it off of her??’ (speaking of the onesie).  Looking disgusted as some was on his hand, I said ‘Honey, you’re going to get poop on your hands, it’s just going to happen’.  I had one leg, Cory had the other, both with wipes in our hands…it was quite the sight, and not the last one I am sure!  Needless to say it was straight to the bath after this.

bath time
look at those beautiful eyes

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