Bedtime is not our friend

So little Miss Nora is not enjoying ‘bedtime’.  Every night when we get ready for bed, I wrap her up in her little Woombie, feed her, and get settled into bed.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Well it’s not that bad, but she is certainly upset and for no apparent reason (at least from what I can tell).  We eventually get her to calm down, but it isn’t always easy and isn’t always quick.  Sometimes it’s just a quick little ‘snack’, or bouncing in our arms, we’ve even busted out our Babyshusher (yes it seems like a silly product, but yes it works).  Once she has fallen asleep for the night, she’s fine; doesn’t fuss again, and goes right back to sleep after each change and feeding, its just the initial *dun, dun, dun* BEDTIME.

The previous night I had given her a bath before bed, using lavender calming  bath wash and that night she slept for 5 hours and didn’t fuss before bed.  Coincidence??  I don’t know, but I sure as heck am trying it again and doing a little ‘experiment’ to see if works tonight.

You feel quite helpless when your child is upset and you’ve done all you can to soothe them.  She isn’t colicky and doesn’t get upset often, but when I have pulled out all the stops and she still is upset it breaks my heart.  Your mind starts racing (well mine does because I am wort-case-scenario, pessimistic type of worrier); does she hurt? do all babies do this? why is my baby doing this? is she hungry? (she just ate) is she constipated? (she just pooped) maybe she doesn’t like her nightie? is she cold, is she hot? Cory says I may be over-analyzing just a ‘tad bit’.  And yes, I am sure he is right, I just want my baby comfy and happy and to never cry, ever. (HA!).  

Motherhood is a day-to-day frustration, discovery, joy and learning process.  I just have to keep in my mind that I won’t be perfect at it and I shouldn’t expect to be.

Sleeping, oh so peacefully…

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