You cry, I cry

So I missed a blog post yesterday and I’m not going to lie it probably won’t be the last.  I’ll do my best to log something daily, but sometimes the days just escape me.  Some days I feel like I get NOTHING, but I guess caring for Miss Nora is surely plenty and I am doing my best at that!

Yesterday I had some errands to run and I did my best to time it in between feedings.  While walking through a boutique downtown Nora started to get fussy so I proceeded to leave and load her up in the truck.  Not soon after….we started to have a meltdown.  I did my best not to ‘haul ass’ too much to get her home, but I just wasn’t going fast enough.  So I pulled over, I just couldn’t take it anymore…not her crying per say but the fact that she was so upset was breaking my heart.  The moment I picked her up out of her seat (she even had REAL tears)…silence.  She just needed me; needed some consoling.  Being able to instantly comfort my daughter enlightens my soul and brings me so much joy.

Later some family from afar stopped by to meet Nora.  I love watching people meet her for the first time; their smiles and laughs, mimicking her facial expressions, saying what a miracle and blessing she is, how beautiful and perfect she is.  I never knew I could enjoy someone else’s compliments so much!  Thanks Donnie and Nancy for stopping by and instantly loving our daughter!



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