Nora’s namesake

Not knowing the sex of our unborn child had us going in with a few names in mind, and Nora wasn’t one of them.  Going to the hospital, I was POSITIVE that if it was a girl, we were going to name her Elsie.  I just fell in love with that name, and having an inkling that I was having a girl, made me love the name even more.  We wanted a classic name, nothing too difficult to say or spell.  One that “fit” with our family.

The Sunday before going to the hospital Cory and I were watching a show and a character named Nora was on it.  Cory had mentioned he liked the name, and I nonchalantly said that I liked it too, because Elsie was still my pick and number one name. We had two boy names picked out that we both liked, each of us liking a different one more than the other.  I practiced saying the names out loud, saying it with  a middle name, calling out the whole name (ya know, for when they are in trouble!).  Picking a name for  human a being is hard!

After giving birth to our baby girl we looked at her and both felt like she just didn’t look like an Elsie to us.  And as much as I loved the name, I wasn’t heartbroken about it.  We talked to her, and said different names to her to see what sounded right.  We didn’t make an official decision until about a few hours before being discharged! Nora sounded classy and elegant and seemed to suit our baby girl.  We tried a few middle names with it, writing them down and saying them out loud.  Cory wanted his late grandmothers name, but it didn’t ‘fit’.  Jane ‘fit’.  It’s my mother’s middle name and Cory’s mothers name is Janet, so it is still an ode to our family.   Nora Jane flowed, sounded beautiful and suited our graceful daughter.Nora Jane


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