Baby makes three

I was scheduled to be induced (at this point I was 1 week, 1 day overdue) August 4, 2014 at 7am with an oral medication.  We showed up at the hospital, bags in hand; nervous, excited, scared, happy!  The first few hours were slow going, contractions about 10 minutes apart.  It wasn’t until around noon that the contractions started to become stronger, and I had to start breathing through the pain.  I ate popsicles, sat on a ball, leaned on Cory, anything to try and help with the pain and stay calm and relaxed.  By 6pm I was exhausted and only at 6 cm, and I decided to get an epidural.  I had intentions of doing it naturally, and probably could have, but my energy was waning and I still had to push this little one out!  Cory wanted me to get it so I could get some rest (and I am sure it was hard for him to watch me go through all this pain and not be able to do a thing about it).  He was my hand to hold, my chest to lean on, my massage therapist, my rock, my love…he really is the best husband a girl could ask for and I couldn’t wait to see him holding our child.

IMG_3248After the epidural, I was able to relax a little and get some rest (and I could still move and feel my legs, which was one of my biggest fears).  By 10pm it was time to push!!  And push I did, for 2 hours!  By then, all I wanted was to see my baby and be done, I was exhausted and running out of energy.  I asked for a little help from the doctor, and she pulled out the forceps and after 5 pushes our baby had joined the world.  Like I had mentioned we didn’t know the sex (we both felt it was a girl) and as the doctor held up our baby, I couldn’t see what it was because the umbilical cord was in the way.  “What is it?!?!?!”

It’s a Girl!

She was as beautiful as ever with a head full of dark hair!  The instant love you feel is overwhelming and really unexplainable!  You would give your life for this tiny human that you just met and they instantly become the center of your life.



Nora Jane Foltz had entered our lives at a healthy 7 lbs 15.4 oz, 21 inches, at 12:04 am on August 5, 2014.  We love her more than words can say.


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