Foltz nugget growing

Cory and I knew basically from day one that I was pregnant, so it was a LONG ten months waiting for our little one.  I had to go through some infertility treatment; at one point having 5 little eggs in there (eek!), so we didn’t get the go ahead that time. The treatments were not too invasive and once we got the ‘go’ to try, I was pregnant on the first try.

Cory had always felt that he didn’t want to know the sex of the baby, so we didn’t find out.  Some people thought we were crazy and had willpower, others thought it was awesome.  Not many people do it anymore and there aren’t always good surprises in life, so we waited it out.  (By the last few weeks I was going crazy and couldn’t wait to find out, I wanted to buy so many cute outfits!)

I continued to do Crossfit throughout my entire pregnancy, scaling the weights and watching my heart rate.  I ate as Paleo and healthy as I felt like doing (baby got what baby wanted!)  My pregnancy was pretty easy and fun.  I felt good and it was pretty amazing to be growing a life inside me.  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time was such a beautiful sound and when Cory got to see the ultrasound I think he was pretty astounded with this little human being in my belly.

I loved watching my belly grow and when I felt that little nugget move the first time I couldn’t stop smiling or touching my belly.  It really is an unexplainable and incredible feeling.

First came pregnancy, then came baby (at 41 weeks, two days)…


2 thoughts on “Foltz nugget growing

  1. Yay! Great post! What was the most surprising thing you discovered about being pregnant? What was one thing you wish you had known or that no one told you about while you were pregnant? Also how did you decide on the name Nora? Is it a family name?


    1. Besides my growing belly and peeing more than usual, I honestly didn’t feel much different. I never got tired of feeling my bely to feel the baby move. The love you feel for your child as its growing in your belly is NOTHING compared to when you see and hold them for the first time. Name story to follow…


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