The Discovery Center

I took Nora to a local art museum, the Nicolaysen, that has a children’s area called the Discovery Center.  We had a lot of fun!

Some of Nora’s favorite things were the play sand, the magnet fractals, and the chairs.  She loved the ‘pint size chairs’ that were just her size.

I see us going back to the gallery to have a little play time outside of the house.  It’s good for us to get out and it helps Nora burn some energy.  She slept so good for her afternoon nap.


PS.  I started another blog (I know, I can barely post on this one).  But I wanted to start one that was more for my crafting, crossfitting, cooking, part of life and leave this one to be my family life.  IF you would like to check it out, please do:, I haven’t posted anything yet, I just got it started.


Selfies and Halloween

I’ve been on a short (well kind of long) hiatus from blogging.  Not for any particular reason, but I just stopped worrying about it.  And sometimes, at night, when it’s ‘time to blog’ I just don’t feel like it.  It kind of was feeling like doing homework every night and ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.  Granted, when I put Nora to bed I am usually on the computer or something anyway, but it’s mindless browsing where I don’t have to think.

As Nora is walking, talking and becoming a toddler our days can be busy while still doing nothing.  I give her a lot of my attention during the day; ie. I try to SPEND time with her rather than just be there.  When she’s awake I’m usually playing with her or entertaining her in lieu of cleaning or doing other household duties (for the most part).  AND Nora is on the transition from one nap to two, and nap time goes quick when I am actually trying to get those things done, while being quiet.

Nora has found her selfie face!  Every time I have the camera turned around so she can see her face, she sticks out her little tongue.  Such a goof!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

IMG_2010 IMG_2060

I found some sparkly red shoes at Once Upon A Child a few months back and thought that they would be perfect for Nora to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz; my favorite movie.  I even wore ‘ruby red slippers’ at my wedding and walked down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.  Here is little Miss Dorothy in her ruby red slippers.  We didn’t have a ‘Toto’, so a bunny subbed in.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I threw on some makeup and was Scarecrow.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset


We met our friends Stephanie and Wyatt to do a little walking around downtown.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Such cuties!


Nora really liked this neon ‘cigar’ sign!

Then we walked over to a local toy store, Toy Town, and had fun playing with all the fun toys! I think I had just as much fun as the kids did in this store, they have EVERYTHING!

IMG_2091 IMG_2092


The other day I met up with one of my best gal pals for breakfast, coffee and play time for Nora. My friend Stephanie and I were both pregnant at the same time and had our babies just 5 weeks apart so our kids are destined to be best buddies!

It was so nice to catch up with a friend and have our little ones play together.  Since Nora isn’t in daycare she doesn’t get much interaction with toddlers, other than at Vibes, so it’s good for her to play with someone other than me!

Nora had a lot of fun playing on Wyatt’s airplane.

Wyatt had even more fun pushing Nora around on the airplane!

Give a girl a bone

We have a cranky, teething girl on our hands. Just after her front top teeth cut and she saw some relief, her eye teeth  started coming in. Poor girl!! She is such a happy & content little girl most of the time, but these darn teeth are getting the best of her. She’s never really been into teethers, but give this girl a bone and she’s in ‘chicken heaven’.

I hope these teeth cut soon and give me and her some relief!!


Pom poms and pipe cleaners 

 I’m always looking for a new and fun activity for me and Nora to do! So while at Hobby Lobby the other day, (speaking of HL it is nearly impossible to not spend ALL THE MONIES there. I mean, if I bought everything I said ‘oh that’s cute’ to, half of these store would be gone.). Anyway, got sidetracked, while at HL I picked up some pipe cleaners, colored Pom poms and a feather boa-Nora is obsessed with putting things around her neck so we thought she needed a boa, who doesn’t really!?!  

Nora has had SO much fun playing with the pipe cleaners and Pom poms. 
What a goofy girl!  
Princess coming through, watch out!  

Some of the best things about these were:

  • They are quiet!! Hallelujah!
  • You can get many uses out of them and do so many different things with them!! I shaped the pipe cleaners into all sorts of objects, used an egg carton to sort the pom poms,  endless possibilities!
  • They are soft: i.e. It’s not like stepping on a thorn! I swear every room in our house has at least ONE you laying on the floor and we are bound to step on it. These are literally like stepping on a fluffy cloud!
  • Cheapest toy I’ve bought!

These have been a big hit and Nora is STILL playing with it all after a few days! Winning!

busy doing nothing

That’s how I have lately; that we have been busy but not doing anything in particular.  Busy enough, that my posts have been a distant memory, it’s been over a week!! Whhhaaaa?!?!?  So I’m doing a re-cap of what have been up to.

I tried to read the paper.


Got a workout in, in our garage gym.  She was thoroughly amused.

We played at the park…it’s been a vey warm start to our fall!

Our little pumpkin family.  That’s me on the left. (haha)


Nora took her first bath in the BIG tub.  Cory doesn’t know how to move out of the light so I can take a decent picture.  Amateur.IMG_1745 IMG_1746

I baked some paleo pumpkin chocolate cookies.  SO GOOD!
IMG_1754 IMG_1755

I also ‘started a new business’, if you can call it that…but more on that later.

It was a busy-ish week and a relaxing weekend while Cory was home.


{“Looking back…on all the memories of…”  Wow, I never listen to country, but when I typed ‘looking back’, Garth Brooks’ song ‘The Dance’ just popped in my head.}

Anyway, that was no where near where I was headed with this post.  My mom came over the other day and had brought over a piece of my childhood I had requested because I wanted to pass it on to Nora.  My Little Pony plate.  I loved eating off of this, and I wanted to pass that love on.  This plate is 31 years old…it even has 1984 printed on it.  Wow.

I’m sure its not BPA-free, or gluten free or whatever else we aren’t supposed to consume anymore (or what has NOW been discovered to be ‘bad’ for you) but its special to me and hopefully special to Nora.  I just won’t be microwaving those little ponies.

Nora enjoying her first meal on her pony plate.  And I had to post that second one, because, that face!

IMG_1678 IMG_1679

Nora’s so cool she eats off of a vintage plate.  She’s also wearing one of my ‘vintage’ t-shirts under that bib.

Can I still call it vintage if it was mine??  Am I an antique?  Ok, ok.  I know I am not that old.  A few months away from 32, and I don’t feel old(er).  But sometimes I am reminded of it: seeing FB posts of a girl I used to babysit at the bar, watching my niece and nephew do the nae nae dance and saying ‘what does nae nae even  mean?’ (and I just had to google if it was nay nay, or nae nae), not being able to stay out past 10, you know, those kinds of things.